mr.smithresource brokers discrete liaison between potential Client Board Representatives and high performing, Chief Officer/ Director Designate level candidates to consider mutually beneficial opportunities.

We work across a number of sectors to identify high quality talent demand and connect this to high performing candidates through meaningful engagement.

Our Group parent operates across a number of sectors providing non-recruitment services and we therefore offer a unique perspective on talent acquisition & brokerage – we see it through non-agency eyes first and foremost and therefore bring a greater level of depth to any potential leadership change.

For Clients

We bring not only demonstrable cross sector entrepreneurial skills but deep connectivity to specific sector talent networks. We are able to discretely identify high performing & network tested talent that are either actively or passively considering change. As your acquisition needs are of C-Suite stature, we operate at an “off-market” level to protect your desire to change or modify your leadership team. We broker discrete dialogue and establish a bespoke programme to affect your desired acquisition that aligns with Candidate incumbent commitments also. We remain engaged throughout the acquisition process and well into the transition period thereby aiding integration and impact. 

For Candidates

Having been there ourselves, we bring we believe a unique respect and empathy to the process. This is your career, your future, your next move – we connect you to the right shareholders and decision makers that offer you the challenge and honesty you require. You may already have a potential new target that you wish us to approach on your behalf discretely or are only at the very early stages of considering your next move – again, with stealth we can connect you with the senior, talent acquisition community within your desired sub-sector. We will only place a limited number of Candidates in any one year due to the corporate level we focus at – this is about recognising your unique skills in the market you operate within and not treating you as one of many as is the case with other recruitment models. You may be today’s potential candidate but in our eyes you are tomorrow’s retained client – we seek long term and meaningful relationships and therefore will treat you with the respect that this important moment requires.     

Sectors: MSR connect high quality candidates to talent acquisition requirements across the following core sectors:

mr.smithresource have deep network connectivity across these core sectors and also allied markets.

Functions we regularly place include; Governance Panel Members, Independent Chair, Non-Executive Director, Chief Executive/ Chief Operating Officer/ MD, Finance Director, Commercial Director, HR Leadership, Procurement & Supply Chain Leadership, Operations Director/ General Manager, Sales Director, Programme Director, Joint Venture Leadership and PMO Sponsorship.